Stepping Into The Future

We’re beyond excited to unveil what lies ahead for our community and share this major update with you.

As the web3 landscape has evolved, transitioning from merely PFP collections to what has now become a robust ecosystem with numerous applications, both on-chain and in the real world, we are excitedly moving forward into Party Degens’ next chapter.

Since its inception, the Party Degens NFT collection has been all about incentivising holders to meet in the real world, either by creating our own in-real-life (IRL) events or by providing access to some of the world’s most famous venues, festivals, or NFT & Blockchain conferences.

Consequently, we organised and provided access to hundreds of events worldwide, including music events (Amsterdam Dance Event, Miami Music Week, SXM Festival in St. Martin, Zamna Festival, Circoloco and Afterlife in Tulum, Art With Me in Miami, Paris Fashion Week with Black Coffee, International Music Summit in Ibiza, Transmission in Sydney, Sonus Festival on Pag Island, Dance With Me in Vegas, Tiesto The Trip in Cancun, Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Real Fluffy Cloud in LA, Horsepark Festival in Zürich to name a few), some of the world’s most renowned venues (Ushuaïa, Hï, Destino, Pacha, and Amnesia in Ibiza, Mirage in New York, Savaya in Bali, SLS, Surfcomber, and Nautilus in Miami), NFT & Blockchain Conferences (NFT Paris, NFC Lisbon, Blockdown Croatia, NFT.NYC, Korea Blockchain Week), allowing holders to mingle in person with musicians, artists, or even us, the founders (Dinner & Party with the Founders at the villa in Cancun 2022, Ibiza Hangout at Sa Calma & LIO in 2022, The Superhouse Villa Party at Art Basel in Miami 2022, Ibiza Private Villa Pool Party in 2023), curated art exhibitions (Art Basel in Miami, Unpaired Gallery, VR World, Superchief Gallery and more ). We also made history by organising some of the most epic parties such as at NFT.NYC with Diplo, Don Diablo, Seedphrase, Blond:ish, Plastikfunk, or the Jungle Party with Damina Lazarus, Agoria & Dj Tennis at NFC in Lisbon to name a few.

For those who couldn’t always join us in person, we created one of the biggest entertainment venues in the metaverse, 0xArena, and live-streamed most of our events. This included Party Degens taking a lead role during the Metaverse Music Festival, featuring four stages and a curated lineup of over 30 artists, over four days.

For art enthusiasts, we established the first physical NFT Gallery in Crypto Valley, where holders regularly attended curated exhibitions showcasing works by Beeple, Takashi Murakami, Refik Anadol, Mad Dog Jones, Claire Silver, Cory Van Lew and others.

For those keen to organise their own events and meet-ups, we activated the PD community wallet, enabling community members to organise IRL meet-ups and retreats using community funds, in locations like Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, and more. 

In the meantime, behind the scenes, for over a year we were building towards a larger vision: to create an ecosystem where both individuals and communities are empowered and incentivised to meet.

This vision is realised through PairedWorld, a groundbreaking protocol that, for the very first time, makes it possible to authenticate and reward in-real-life (IRL) human interactions powered by a zk-proof Validium. Backed by a significant alliance of academics, industry leaders, well-established web3 brands, and communities, this initiative marks a new chapter for social finance (SocialFi) and decentralised social networking (DeSoc). It fuses blockchain technology with real-world interactions to elevate the web3 landscape. “SocialFi & DeSoc in 2024 will follow the DeFi Summer craze of 2020” – Messari Crypto Theses 2024

The PairedWorld Protocol is a versatile infrastructure that allows developers to build a diverse range of applications designed to enhance human connectivity and social well-being in the physical world.

The very first of these applications is w3meet: a mobile dApp that rewards users for creating or attending IRL events. w3meet offers a suite of features for users to initiate and fund gatherings, participate in curated events of all types, including music, sports, well-being, networking, etc., ranging from small private gatherings to large public events. It also facilitates finding like-minded individuals creating a playground for cross-pollination of communities. w3meet is already available for download on iOS in the official App Store.

This development empowers every PD holder, regardless of their geographical location or preferences, to attend or create local events anytime, anywhere. As part of a multi-community ecosystem, PD holders now have access to a broader range of events and peers within other web3 communities.

What’s next for PD holders?

Like the other communities already onboarded, all PD holders, whether or not they continue to hold a PD in the future (snapshot taken in October 2023), are whitelisted to claim their SOUL  – a dynamic, soulbound token representing their identity and reputation within PairedWorld. This enables them to create and attend events, and apply for grants from the PairedWorld Foundation for organising larger-scale events or initiatives that add value to the ecosystem. PD holders can claim their SOULs and create their user profiles directly in the w3meet app. A major integration with Polygon will be rolled out this week, allowing for transactions for claiming SOULs, tickets, and for burning tickets at events to be gas-free for users.

Exclusively for PD holders: as the leading community behind PairedWorld’s creation, PD holders will be entitled to burn their PDs in exchange for the $PAIRED token (ERC-20), effectively merging the PD community into this larger, groundbreaking ecosystem while monetising their PDs. Full details will be provided after the public launch of the $PAIRED token around April. More info will be released in the upcoming weeks.

As part of this transformation, the @partydegens Twitter account becomes w3meet.

The Party Degens Discord and Instagram account will be handed over to the community and its council, which will soon hold new elections. This will become a place for the community to discuss and coordinate their gatherings and initiatives.

The @partydegenfrens account will become the official Twitter account of the PD holders and community, controlled by the PD community council.

For those who choose not to burn their PDs, in addition to the dual-metadata art, they will still enjoy additional access to events and initiatives organised by the PD community council, using the funds of the community wallet, which will receive additional funding, following a pure DAO format, with PD holders directly proposing and voting on initiatives and treasury management.

In this transformative phase, the PD community evolves from a niche group of electronic music aficionados into a dynamic, token-powered global ecosystem, driving forward the new era of SocialFi and DeSoc within Web3.

What’s on The Horizon for PairedWorld?

Ecosystem Expansion: We’re planning a significant airdrop of SOUL tokens prior the public $PAIRED token launch, aimed at expanding our vibrant ecosystem further by attracting new users and communities, building on our base of nine communities and the 15,000 unique already whitelisted wallets.

Android App Launch: The w3meet app will also be available for Android users prior the public token launch, broadening our reach and ensuring greater accessibility for our expanding community.

$PAIRED Token Offering: Following the SOUL airdrop, we will initiate a public offering of the $PAIRED token, adding a new dimension of engagement and investment in the ecosystem.

Community Empowerment via Treasury Grants: We’re activating the PairedWorld Foundation treasury and grants, empowering users to fund and initiate their own events and initiatives, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem driven by user creativity and entrepreneurship.

Real-world Gaming Initiative: Our innovative “Real-world Gaming” concept will soon reward users for participating in collective outdoor activities, promoting physical health and social interaction.

Strategic Partnerships: We are actively working on forging major strategic partnerships to enhance the utility and adoption of the protocol, paving the way for growth and innovation.

w3meet Local Program: The launch of “w3meet local” aims to energise and support culturally relevant real-life events in collaboration with local businesses, melding the digital and physical worlds in a community-focused approach.

Global Industry Presence: PairedWorld will continue to make its presence known at major industry-related events, showcasing our vision and gaining recognition on a global stage. Upcoming events include Arte Talks in Dubai and the Web Summit in Qatar in February, with many more prestigious events lined up.

Governance & Decentralisation: Embracing the essence of decentralisation and web3, PairedWorld’s ecosystem is overseen by a council of five independently annually elected members, who steward the community’s vision and growth.

Each of these steps is a leap towards realising our vision of a more connected, interactive, and vibrant Web3 world.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter together, forging ahead to strengthen IRL connections within the web3 community. Let’s shape the future together!

Latest PairedWorld press release available here.